Kindle eBooks on an iPad

There is an iPad Kindle app that effectively makes your iPad into a Kindle reader. eBooks are bought from the Amazon website whereupon they magically appear in your Kindle Library. For some reason Amazon has to accessed from the website (via the Safari app) rather than the Amazon iPad app, as at time of writing, the latter cannot do “digital downloads”.

What follows is a General Purpose Plan in the format used in the book Explore your iPad – for seniors, by Andrew Monk (available now as a free iBook and as a printed paper back for £6 from Amazon). This book begins with A recipe to do anything you want with an iPad. In summary, Ask yourself what words describe what I am trying to do; Look for words and touchscreen buttons; Touch; then Ask yourself what again, and so on. Think of the General Purpose Plan below as an aid to working in this way. First, look through all the italicised headings to understand the tasks you could do. Second, decide which of these tasks are relevant to what you want to do. Third, explore! Use the numbered actions as a further guide if you need to.

These plans are designed to be detailed enough to guide you through the process of achieving some goal, but general enough not to go out of date with new versions of the iPad and iPad apps. They are also written in the spirit of the book, which is one of learning by exploration rather than through instruction.

General Purpose Plan: I want to read an eBook on an iPad – so I may need to

Download the Kindle iPad app from the App Store

  1. Touch the App Store app
  2. Search for the “Kindle for iPad” free app
  3. Touch “Get” on the App Store listing for the app.
  4. Wait for the app to download
  5. Open the app and Sign In using your Amazon account details

Get an Amazon account

  1. Touch the Safari app and search the internet for “Amazon”.
  2. Touch Your Account to reveal a menu that will include an item for new customers.
  3. Fill in the form to create a new account. Occasionally in the future, Amazon will ask for your password so write it down somewhere safe. You will be asked for credit card details to pay for your purchases.

Buy the eBook on Amazon

  1. Touch the Safari app and search the internet for “Amazon”.
  2. Search Amazon for the book you want using the author’s name and, or the title. You can narrow the search considerably by including “kindle book” in the search that you type. Similarly, the pull down menu at the left of the search box allows you to limit the search to a specific “department”, e.g., Kindle Store or Books.
  3. Touch the cover of the book to get a detailed listing.
  4. Touch Buy Now and follow the instructions to purchase it using your Amazon account. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime you may be able to get the book for free. As it is a Kindle book it will be “delivered” to one of the electronic devices you have registered with your Amazon account. It will then appear in the Kindle Library.
  5. If you get the message “this mobile application does not currently support mobile downloads” this will be because you are working with the Amazon iPad app rather than the website (via the Safari app). This can happen if you touch the “a” (for Amazon) touch screen button when using the Kindle iPad app.

Read a newly purchased book using the iPad Kindle app

  1. Touch the Kindle app and go to your Kindle Library. If you are in the middle of reading a book, you may need to touch the top of the page and then the Menu touch screen button (3 horizontal lines) to gt to your Kindle Library.
  2. Touch the cover of the new book in your Kindle Library. If the cover is not in the list of books on your Kindle Library try touching Sync. The contents of the book will then be downloaded to your iPad.

3. Touch the cover of the new book in your Kindle Library and, finally (!), get reading it.