BinCam ( was built my colleagues at Culture Lab in Newcastle University, UK. the picture shows this in a kitchen. It has a camera phone in the lid that is rigged up to take a picture of the new contents of the trash bin one second after the lid closes. This picture is posted to a website via a where it is viewable by anyone. At the same time, the image is sent to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is a service where people can earn small sums of money by doing small tasks. Here the worker who accepts the job has to identify the total number of items, the number of recyclable items and the number of food items visible in the image. These tags are displayed on the page. This fun and provocative invention was designed to increase environmental awareness but one could also imagine it could be used to nudge the bin owners into healthier eating by identifying the food wrappers and containers that they have thrown away.


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