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If you have not used iBooks before see Reading an iBook on an iPad

The Glossary and Chapter 3 – “Helping someone who has problems with everyday living” can be downloaded as free PDFs


Download Glossary of touchscreen buttons and other tips as free PDF


  • Touchscreen buttons, general
  • Touchscreen buttons, specific to media players and recorders (sounds or pictures)
  • Physical buttons
  • Gestures that work like buttons
  • Bringing up and using the touchscreen keyboard
  • Talking to your iPad, Siri
  • Finger not working try a stylus


Download Chapter 3 “Helping someone who has problems with everyday living” as free PDF


  • Seeing and hearing
  • How-to-do-it guide – seeing and hearing
  • Forgetfulness
  • Aside – different kinds of human memory
  • How-to-do-it guide – forgetfulness
  • Keeping out of hospital
  • Aside – Is activity monitoring “watching over you” or “spying”?
  • How-to-do-it guide – keeping out of hospital
  • Caring for someone with dementia
  • How-to-do-it guide – caring for someone with dementia
  • Invention needed
  • Related chapters and other material