About Andrew Monk


Andrew Monk was Founding Director of The Centre for Usable Home Technology (CUHTec), Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of York and Visiting Professor in Informatics, Newcastle University.

Andrew is a psychologist and author with an interest in the gadgets people use in their everyday lives. He has 30 years experience of working with researchers in computer science and electronics to find ways of making technology serve real social and personal needs. For example, his most recent research project was to understand and propose solutions to the problems the over eighties have with payment technologies. Andrew was elected to the US ACM CHI Academy in 2005. He has over 350 peer reviewed publications and 10 books in the general areas of User Experience, User-centred Design, Electronic Communication and the needs of older people.

Andrew had a stroke in 2019 but is now recovering well and learning to type with his left hand and use speech recognition software. See https://wwyork.org for an example of his resent work.

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