Things you can touch on a touchscreen


Glossary of iPad and iPhone touchscreen buttons from “Explore your iPad – for seniors”. Download as free PDF.

This Glossary starts with brief explanations of the various things you may tap/touch while using an app on an iPhone or iPad. I think of these as “touchscreen buttons”. There are also sections on what you can do with: physical buttons, gestures, the touchscreen keyboard, a stylus and speech.

The Glossary comes from my book “Explore your iPad – for seniors” This is a guide for people who want to explore their iPad for themselves rather than follow detailed instructions.

Contents of Glossary (free PDF )

  • Touchscreen buttons, general
  • Touchscreen buttons, specific to media players and recorders (sounds or pictures)
  • Physical buttons
  • Gestures that work like buttons
  • Bringing up and using the touchscreen keyboard
  • Talking to your iPad, Siri
  • Finger not working try a stylus

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