A book for seniors on gadgets

The majority of the books on the gadgets we use in our everyday lives are step-by-step how-to-do-it books focusing on a specific device or product, e.g., iPad for Seniors for Dummies. They look very much like printed manuals for a specific gadget. These books serve a valuable purpose for people starting out with a new gadget but they are not fun to read.

In the post Where Have all the Manuals Gone I suggest a different approach which is to write a book that is more like a travel guide than a manual. A travel guide is to inspire you to explore places of interest in a city. The analogous approach for a book on gadgets for seniors would inspire you to explore some of the fun and useful things you can do with the gadgets you use in your everyday lives.

Such a book needs to focus on:

  • what things you can do with gadgets
  • why you might find these things fun or useful
  • how to get started exploring these uses for everyday gadgets

You will not be surprised to learn that I am in the process of writing such a book! If you think this is the sort of book you would find interesting leave a comment listing the things you would like to see covered in it.

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